Welcome to my first real blog.

I suspect if you are reading this then you will be already acquainted with me, probably from Flickr or Facebook.

Unsure as to why I felt the need to start blogging really, Ange suggested I start something to review toys, so I expect there will be a fair amount of geek here but I expect I’ll pop a bit in about the day.  I doubt I’ll post everyday, but I suppose you never know.

So, why the Darling Downs?  Apparently, according to Bill Bryson in ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, there was a British species of mouse, called the Darling Downs.  They are now extinct and no-one knows anyhing about them, except their name.  It would make a great name for an indie band, but as I have zero musical talent, it will serve as the title of my blog.

Something about the fate of the Downs makes me feel a little melancholy but sweet all the same.  Hopefully this will help to continue the name a bit, if nothing else.  So, there we go, anyway, must dash, Nigella is on and I have to make this place look a little more me.

Stick around awhile, you may like it here.