Ange’s dog, Ted, was put down today.

I’ve known Ted as long as I’ve known Ange, so more than 15 years or so.  Ange adopted Ted when she was in University in Wales, so we always thought he probably barked in a Welsh accent.  He was a rescued stray, so I have no idea what his life was like before Ange but he was a little fella, a Border Terrier cross, so I expect he didn’t have a barrel of laughs.

Ange’s dad is called Bill, so she decided to call him Ted, get the title now?

He was always a very affectionate and sweet natured dog.  He very rarely barked, let alone growled and was tremendous with our girls and our nephews, not much for playing their games but quietly laying there while having toddler indignities heaped upon him.  He did love a game of tug though and would give you a good run for your money.

Ted loved to sunbathe too.  He would spend ages in the garden, on his side, slowly baking away.  Many was the time we would actually poor tepid water on him in an effort to cool the furry loon down.  He was much like a cat in that respect.  Cats were Ted’s great love.  Not one to buck a stereotype, he would go nuts when cats were near.  I don’t think he ever wanted to hurt the cat in question, he was just utterly and amazingly excited by them.   He cornered a tabby in the garden of the Highfield pub one evening and received a fair old whack on the nose as a result.  

He loved to look out of the window on the stair case of Ange’s old house and just wait for next doors cat to wander lazily across the drive (it knew bloodly well what it was doing) and then jump about whimpering.  If that cat kept a diary it would read;

7am – woke up, waited for cat.

7:45 – taken for a walk, no sign of cat.

8:25 – got home, waited for cat.

9:56 – saw cat!!!

We didn’t really get to live with Ted much as we moved around so much he pretty much stayed with Ange’s folks.  Inevitably, age took its toll on him eventually.  He was well cared for and very much loved, hence the decision to let him go gently today.

I’ll miss you fella.