DC Villain Dr Impossible

DC Villain Dr ImpossibleDr Impossible claims to be the half-brother of super-escape artist Mr Miracle, who ever he is, he seems to have all the abilities of Scott Free and a few besides, creating super-traps and using Hush Tubes to teleport.I've probably mentioned variants before, but to the uninitiated variants are a version of an action figure released in smaller numbers and therefore rarer. In some cases they might be a different version of a character, say Captain America but not wearing his mask. They're cheap to make, in the Cap aexample, you just need to swap a head but in this case all you need to do is too repaint a figure.I tend to have a rule with these things; see the variant, but the variant. Even if I've gone to the shop for another character that I may of been waiting months for, if I see a variant, I tend to snap it up. They're hard to find at the best of times in the UK without having to resort to the likes of ebay and the often extortionate prices charged there, so even if its a figure I'm not massively fond of, I'll still tend to pick him up.In Doc's case, I'm pretty ambivalent towards him. He's a very new character in fact and I've only read one story with him in but I quite like his look and I quite like 'negative' versions of other characters. He is a straight re-paint of the Mr Miracle figure but where Miracle comes with flight discs for his feet, a Mother Box computer and a set of shackles to escape from, Doc gets sod all. In the comics Doc uses a Father Box and flying buzz-saw blades. Okay, so the blades would mean molding new parts and thus more expense but they could of at least sprung for a Father Box.But that's Mattel for you.Mattel are producing, in my opinion, the BEST range of comic book action figures on the market today. The sculpts are great (even if they are re-using the same body over and over) and the range of characters are ace, plenty of currant faves and some obscure fellas too. But they seem to be treating fans with contempt. Never have I seen a company bend over backwards so much to be obtuse to a loyal fanbase.Quality control on the toys has ranged from poor to down right awful, the figures have proved to be hard to find with many popular characters produced in limited, exclusive runs only available at one store, the way they run their sales and Q&A's has been frustrating and now they seem to be putting up prices also.I really wonder what is going on over at that company, why do they antagonize their customers so much?